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Abgesagt — Laughter Lines

**Josie Long**
And here’s a sizzler to end the season with! Brexit should have happened – well, something will have happened – roughly two months before this date. If any political event deserves to come under a surgeon’s scalpel, this is it. And
Josie Long is the perfect surgeon to do it. One of the sharpest comics in Britain today, her political analysis is utterly fearless and laced with a wit capable of turning any disaster into gales of helpless laughter. A comedic ally of Stewart Lee, Josie will have recently completed a UK tour as part of the “Lefty Scum” ensemble with our old friends Jonny & the Baptists, and Grace Petrie. She is at present working hard on her next Edinburgh show, the first in five years. Three of her previous shows were nominated for the festival’s “Best Show” award. Josie is a frequent participant in, and contributor to, a number of BBC TV and radio shows. Oh, and she is the mother of a one-year-old girl, an experience that has given rise to a hilarious podcast, “Josie & Jonnie are having a Baby With You”.

[Homepage of Josie Long](http://www.josielong.com/)

[Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net](https://www.youtube.com/embed/LXuKMkGLoEg)

**Jonny Donahoe**
Blimey, what a coincidence. Also on our super groovy bill tonight is the very same Jonny we and Josie are sharing that baby with! Laughter Line regulars will remember him well. He is half of Jonny & the Baptists, the duo that left us in stitches a year ago with their nightingale-like warbling, their daft sense of humour and their crazed joie de vivre. This is what Lyn Gardner wrote in the Guardian about “Every Brilliant Thing”, a play he co-wrote and originally played: “One of the funniest plays you’ll ever see … and a phenomenally engaging performance from Jonny Donahoe”.

Spielstätte: Miller's
Lokation: Zürich


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