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Laughter Lines — David Wills — Simon Brodkin

**David Wills is the first American on our stage. He is also the suavest and most elegant man in the whole of London. But, boy, does he bite!**

The hottest stand-up comedians from London and beyond
Good comedy takes you on a helter-skelter ride of words and wisdom. It will leave you winded with its unexpected turns, shocked with its daring stunts, and euphoric with the sudden glimpse of an alternative logic in which two plus two, quite rightly, makes five.
Curated by Hanspeter Kuenzler

Simon Brodkin

If you haven’t heard of Simon Brodkin, where the hell have you been? Simon’s the chap who showered Sepp Blatter with Dollar notes. He handed Theresa May her unemployment form, a P45, earning himself the epithet “unfunny pillock” from the Deputy Prime Minister. He also surprised Donald Trump with a gift of a very special set of golf balls. Oh, and he has also created an alter ego for himself called Lee Nelson.

After three hugely successful series of Lee Nelson on the BBC, multiple TV appearances (Live at the Apollo, Sunday Night at The Palladium, C4’s Comedy Gala), Simon unveils his funniest persona yet; himself. In this fabulous expedition into a gloriously unhinged brain, Simon takes us from his childhood growing up on the mean streets of Hampstead village, to his adulthood as a failed doctor, inept parent and fairly rubbish Jew.

“Prodigious talent”, wrote The Times; “Satire so sharp you could slash a tyre with it” thought the Daily Telegraph; “Get him out!” hollered the Orange Ogre.

Here’s a clip of Simon in action. We can’t show you a clip of Simon’s stand-up show as himself, simply because there isn’t one yet: we are amongst the privileged few who will be able to see the show before it is officially launched at the Edinburgh Festival in the autumn!

[Video of Simon Brodkin](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3_F5_JPQA0)

David Mills

David Mills is the first American to grace our stage. He is also the suavest and most elegant man in the whole of London. But, boy, does he bite! A specialist in verbal ensnarement, his soothing voice and compassionate demeanour can snap in the space of one syllable into the shape of a ruthless word assassin. His super-power is x-ray vision – a power he uses to fearsomely righteous effect in order to skewer modern life’s twisted philosophies and hypocrisies.

Strangely, David claims that in a previous life he was a K-Pop idol. We believe this is a lie. It is true, however, that David is also an actor. You may have seen him as Augustus Corbin alongside Meryl Streep in the gloriously entertaining “Florence Foster Jenkins”.

[Video of David Mills](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LvTy9SL1e0)

Spielstätte: Miller's
Lokation: Zürich


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