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British Comedy — Alexander Bennett, Will Mars, Patrick Monahan

**British Comedy @ Miller’s**
Stand-up comedy made in Britain is always sharp, frequently edgy, and sometimes downright filthy. It can be surreal, grotesque, disturbing or even philosophical. Most certainly it is never safe or polite. From 10 October, once a month @ Miller’s British Comedy

With live music from the Duo Belvedere from Zürich

Hilariously dark and deeply silly!

**Alexander Bennett**
The owner of a “terrifying smile” (it’s true!), Alexander has been doing stand-up comedy since the age of 15. He is a regular provider of “Fresh Sisyphean comedy” at the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society in London and has created “Hell to Play”, a comedy game show set in Hell.


**Will Mars**
Whatever can go wrong in Will Mars’s life, will go wrong. It starts with his name: try googling it! Will Mars be populated? It is a question that deeply bothers Will Mars. Recently returned from a lengthy stay in New York and a performance at the Apollo, his continued misery is hilarious to behold.


**Patrick Monahan**
Patrick Monahan was first introduced to the concept of absurd comedy when he was forced to pose as his grandparents’ son in order to be allowed to leave Iran with his Irish father and Iranian mother. He has extended his repertoire considerably since those early days. A delightfully irreverent improviser, his flights of verbal fancy never take the expected route to their inevitable, hilarious end. As a result, Patrick is the proud owner of an armful of awards.


**Duo Belvedere (musical interludes)**
In their own minds, much-travelled Mario Marchisella (vocals) and Valentino Marchisella (dodgy keyboards) are the kings of the San Remo song festival, circa 1967. In real life, they sing honey-sweet Italian canzoni in the style of men who take it all with a pinch of salt. Actually, for British Comedy @ Miller’s, Mario and Marino will leave their comfort zone far behind to enter the dangerous world of James Bond
[Homepage of the Duo Belvedere](www.duo-belvedere.ch)

[Learn more about British Comedy @ Miller's](http://millers-studio.ch/british-comedy/)

Sprache: English

Spielstätte: Miller's
Lokation: Zürich


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