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British Comedy — Shazia Mirza, Peter Brush, Gordon Southern (tbc)

**British Comedy @ Miller’s**

Stand-up comedy made in Britain is always sharp, frequently edgy, and sometimes downright filthy. It can be surreal, grotesque, disturbing or even philosophical. Most certainly it is never safe or polite. From 10 October, once a month @ Miller’s British Comedy.

[Homepage of Shazia Mirza](https://www.shazia-mirza.com/)

[Homepage of Peter Brush](https://peterbrush.net/)

[Hompepage of Gordon Southern (tbc)](http://www.gordonsouthern.com/)

**Shazia Mirza**
“Ridicule something - exaggerate it, lampoon it, caricature it - and you find out more about it and become stronger.” believes Shazia. Possibly the most fearless comedian in the UK, she is also very, very funny.

**Peter Brush**
Scruffy-haired, bespectacled and slight of frame, Peter has been called “Yorkshire’s answer to Woody Allen”. He has the innocent nerd down to a tee but don’t be fooled. These lines have a serious sting.

**Gordon Southern (tbc)**
Gordon knows his recent world history. He is also a keen observer of human vanities. And his marriage has recently collapsed. Amazingly, he manages to wrench some truly hilarious comedy from these miserable ingredients.

[Learn more about British Comedy @ Miller's](http://millers-studio.ch/british-comedy/)

Spielstätte: Miller's
Lokation: Zürich


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