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British Comedy @ Miller's — Simon Munnery, Masud Milas, Ben van der Velde

**Ben van der Veld (Act 1 und Compere), Masud Milas (Act 2), Simon Munnery (Headliner)**

Headlining the premiere of our new monthly Brit Comedy night at Miller’s is Simon Munnery, a very English genius of the hilariously bizarre. Simon is also known as the League Against Tedium and Alan Parker: Urban Warrior. He likes wearing coats made of cider cans and taking subversively surreal pot shots at everything that is pompous, blue-rinsed and fashionably modern. 

[Homepage of Ben van der Velde](http://benvandervelde.com/)

[Homepage of Masud Milas](http://mcintyre-ents.com/talent/masud-milas/#represented)

[Homepage of Simon Mullery](http://www.simonmunnery.com/)

Spielstätte: Miller's
Lokation: Zürich


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